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In the following the history of the Sagitta 30 has been gathered. The source of information about the boat is various material send to me by various Sagitta 30 owners and of the internet. As the information gathered by no means is complete, please feel free to correct me or send other interesting information by sending me an e-mail the the follwing adress:

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The Sagitta 30 was designed by naval architect Aage Utzon (1885 - 1970) who was famous for having designed beautiful double enders (spidsgatter), in particular the S45 (45 m2). Most of the wooden double enders where built between 1930 and 1950 and were strong, roomy and seaworthy boats. They were built of pine on oak or ash and with mast of Scandinavian spruce. Aage Utzon also designed the Ålborgjollen (an small open boat designed in 1929); the Scankrydser, a 6.6 m sailing boat ; the Helsingørjollen, also an open boat of 5.5m designed in the 40s and the Utzon 30. Aage Utzon also deisgned the hull for the GFRP Great Dane 28, ie. the shape that passes through water; Freeboard, keel, rudder - all from the railing down.

The 30 m2 double enders Brus and Springeren where particulary fast and well sailing boats that won many races, particulary the 50'ies and 60'ties. These boats where the basis for the GFRP Spækhuggeren designed by Peter Bruhn with help from Aage Utzon. The Spækhugger is, however, more modern as the boat has large finn keel and a rudder on a finn at the back.

The Sagitta 30 was one of Utzon's last designs and it is dated to 1963. Most (about 40) boats have been built between 1965 and 1967. However in the late 70'ties and the early 80'ties a number of boats where also built. The sagitta 30 in the 1960'ies where built at Royal System Yacht Yard in Randers/Aarhus. The boat itself is nicely presented in the Royal System Yacht Yard brochure from the sixties. Interesting pictures from from boat show in Stockholm 1966.

Aage Utzon is the father to Jørn Utzon born in 1918. When Jørn was a school student, he used to visit the shipyard to study designs and help his father draw up plans and make models of yachts. He later became a famous architect as he later designed the Sydney Opera House.


The picture shows Aage Utzon onboard on one of his double enders.

The Sagitta 30 was built for family crusing or ocean racing. An article in the German magazine "Die Yacht" brought in October 1965 reveales that the Sagitta 30 was constructed according to the RORC Class III rules. This was after a number of years where four of Utzons double ender designs in wood had won the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup from San Francisco out to the Pacific Ocean.

Bådenyt no. 8, 1977 includes funny solutions to problems i'm not sure i knew i had. However, the artice includes pictures from the boat owned by Gert Eilenberger.

Bådenyt nr. 7 1989 tells the interesting story of Annette and Mogens Wøldike preparations for a trip around the world in a Sagitta 30.

Another boat owner, Wolfgang Niehaus, has his boat presented in an interesting article in the german magazine "Palstek" 04, 2004. The boat is tested by the magazine and the conclusion is that the boat is in very good shape. The boat sails well with a good angle to the wind and it is fast (if the wind is there).